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Who is Scandi Fish and Hunt

We at Scandi Fish and Hunt like to welcome you to our site. Fishing is a word that tells very much in one term. On the other hand is the word hunt in our eyes something we people do all the time. It isn't just that one trophy animal that we are out after. It is in our nature. In private at home, at work, at the gym, etc. Looking(hunting) for this best offer on grocery's, the best value for your car, the best deal at work, this one extra rep in the gym. So you see, the moment you have a goal to reach for something, the hunt starts! If it is for this one best pictures, this most ultimate time to relax, this best experience during hiking or what ever the cause we want the get the best out of it what we are doing. And that is what we do, we want together with you to find these moments and make them in to memories to take home with you. In the beautiful Lapland you can find endless things that will make you happy. All year long, Lapland offers it all. From very good fishing and hunting to the most beautiful hiking tours through nature. We would like to welcome you to show pieces of our treasures.

We at Scandi Fish have over 40 years of experience in fishing. We are always up to date of new techniques and have most of the time the equipment to let you try. So you do not need to buy tons of fishing gear but try it first and see if it is something for you. Our strongest points are pike, perch, burbot, but of course you can fish arctic char, Canadian arctic char, salmon, whitefish and more. You can fish them by your self but we are also more than happy to take you on a guided tour. We are also willing to sit down with you and make new gear like tackles, rigs, leaders and tweaking baits. Or why not relax and enjoy watching some fishing movies on the big screen from the sofa. 

For the pike and the perch we like to fish active with lures in all kinds of forms and static with dead baits. We have it all, for those who want to be active and for those who like to take it easy and enjoy.We also have knowledge in repairing fishing gear and most of the time spare parts, so you keep on fishing. If needed there are extra rods and reels in place, even for rental. Go out on the water with the Jon boat and catch them in deep waters or in the shallows bays. The best period? From spring till when the ice is coming you can Fish in Lapland. Due to The lower water temperature you can catch them all the time. From the very first cold days with the finesse techniques like damiki and the  Ned rig for perch or a nice slow moving jerkbait or jigg for the pikes. In to the warm summer days and hunt them with chatterbait- and spinnerbaits or try your luck  on top water for the most amazing attacks you won't forget. In autumn you can expect everything. We use to say that the first day it snows the pikes are going crazy! Are you the one to proof it? Depending on the weather the season used to be until the end off October. 

You can choose to bring all your own fishing gear with you or if you want to travel light you can just take those reels and lures with you you like to fish with or off course you can use our gear.

From the end of august it is possible to make a combination with different kinds off hunting. Contact us for more information.

Hunting in Lapland. We at Scandi Fish and Hunt are specialized in hunting birds. With your own dogs or with a guide and the dogs we have. In the forest or in the beautiful mountains (fjällen). Or why not a combination of those 2. In the area we have all possible habitats in the forest and is therefore perfect to hunt with fully trained dogs and younger dogs for training.  From old pinewoods to great open areas. From valleys to tops there is always an area that fits you. From October it is even possible to sit in a camouflage and wait for the birds to come out to their playing grounds and enjoy from this most beautiful scene. Or why not try your luck in wintertime, out in the beautiful nature on skies and locate the birds while they are sitting in the top of the trees. Is it very expensive? It doesn't have to be! Let us know what you want and we will try to make a package that suits your wallet.

For those who like it is off course possible to combine with other activities like fishing.

For new Italian hunters we recommend to contact our partner Monte Feltro by clicking here

Montefeltro Sport Srl
Via della Stazione, 50, 61029 Urbino (PU)
tel. +39 0722 307229


Our camp can be reached in several ways. By car, plane and train.

The airport is located in Umeå and is just about 1 hour drive away.

For those who have time and want to safe sometimes some money can take the train from Stockholm to Örnsköldsvik, this is also about 1 hour drive to the camp.


For the accommodation we have a villa and a cabin in Fredrika. Due to a network with many other people we can help you arrange accommodation in many other places to.


In the villa we have 5 bedrooms and 9 beds. A fully equipped big kitchen, living room with big screen tv and playstation, a bathroom with shower,toilet and sauna, upstairs a second toilet. Of course is wifi available.

New for 2023! A 2 appartment House.

We at Scandi Fish and Hunt a proud to announce that we have a new accommodation in the centrum off Fredrika. A beautiful 2 apartment house. Every apartment has it own bedrooms, kitchen, living room and bathroom with toilet. A fully equipped basement with social room and washing room. There are even some small rooms with lock for those guest who would like to leave some equipment for the next time. Of course there is a vacuum machine and freezer. In this house we can have 2  smaller groups, of each 6 to 8 persons. Or 1 bigger group. 


Our very nice cabin with several hunting aspects will give you a typical Swedish feeling. In here we have place for 3 people, a simple kitchen part with fridge and little freezer, toilet and diner table. Heating by electric elements and nice fireplace. WIFI available. The cabin is not far from the villa for showering and sauna..

  • Holmselevägen 39, Fredrika, Sweden