Hunting in Lapland. We at Scandi Fish and Hunt are specialized in hunting birds. With your own dogs or with a guide and the dogs we have. In the forest or in the beautiful mountains (fjällen). Or why not a combination of those 2. In the area we have all possible habitats in the forest and is therefore perfect to hunt with fully trained dogs and younger dogs for training.  From old pinewoods to great open areas. From valleys to tops there is always an area that fits you. From October it is even possible to sit in a camouflage and wait for the birds to come out to their playing grounds and enjoy from this most beautiful scene. Or why not try your luck in wintertime, out in the beautiful nature on skies and locate the birds while they are sitting in the top of the trees. Is it very expensive? It doesn't have to be! Let us know what you want and we will try to make a package that suits your wallet.

For those who like it is off course possible to combine with other activities like fishing.

For new Italian hunters we recommend to contact our partner Monte Feltro by clicking here

Montefeltro Sport Srl
Via della Stazione, 50, 61029 Urbino (PU)
tel. +39 0722 307229