We at Scandi Fish have over 40 years of experience in fishing. We are always up to date of new techniques and have most of the time the equipment to let you try. So you do not need to buy tons of fishing gear but try it first and see if it is something for you. Our strongest points are pike, perch, burbot, but of course you can fish arctic char, Canadian arctic char, salmon, whitefish and more. You can fish them by your self but we are also more than happy to take you on a guided tour. We are also willing to sit down with you and make new gear like tackles, rigs, leaders and tweaking baits. Or why not relax and enjoy watching some fishing movies on the big screen from the sofa. 

For the pike and the perch we like to fish active with lures in all kinds of forms and static with dead baits. We have it all, for those who want to be active and for those who like to take it easy and enjoy.We also have knowledge in repairing fishing gear and most of the time spare parts, so you keep on fishing. If needed there are extra rods and reels in place, even for rental. Go out on the water with the Jon boat and catch them in deep waters or in the shallows bays. The best period? From spring till when the ice is coming you can Fish in Lapland. Due to The lower water temperature you can catch them all the time. From the very first cold days with the finesse techniques like damiki and the  Ned rig for perch or a nice slow moving jerkbait or jigg for the pikes. In to the warm summer days and hunt them with chatterbait- and spinnerbaits or try your luck  on top water for the most amazing attacks you won't forget. In autumn you can expect everything. We use to say that the first day it snows the pikes are going crazy! Are you the one to proof it? Depending on the weather the season used to be until the end off October. 

You can choose to bring all your own fishing gear with you or if you want to travel light you can just take those reels and lures with you you like to fish with or off course you can use our gear.

From the end of august it is possible to make a combination with different kinds off hunting. Contact us for more information.