Who is Scandi Fish and Hunt

We at Scandi Fish and Hunt like to welcome you to our site. Fishing is a word that tells very much in one term. On the other hand is the word hunt in our eyes something we people do all the time. It isn't just that one trophy animal that we are out after. It is in our nature. In private at home, at work, at the gym, etc. Looking(hunting) for this best offer on grocery's, the best value for your car, the best deal at work, this one extra rep in the gym. So you see, the moment you have a goal to reach for something, the hunt starts! If it is for this one best pictures, this most ultimate time to relax, this best experience during hiking or what ever the cause we want the get the best out of it what we are doing. And that is what we do, we want together with you to find these moments and make them in to memories to take home with you. In the beautiful Lapland you can find endless things that will make you happy. All year long, Lapland offers it all. From very good fishing and hunting to the most beautiful hiking tours through nature. We would like to welcome you to show pieces of our treasures.